​​Goodman Mediation & Resolutions

Benefits of Mediation

* Cost

* Control

* Confidential

* Compliance

* Collaborative

Mediation can save everyone time and money!  Mediators are a neutral third party to help facilitate the conversation.  As a mediator, I provide leadership and assistance in acknowledging the parties different interests and concerns to explore all options possible.

You are in control of the solution!

Mediation is confidential and an alternative to getting caught up in the court system, so you have the option to make the final decision. You do not need a lawyer to participate in mediation.   Mediation can save you time and money.  Mediation helps the parties involved to make the final decisions, one that is agreed upon and provides a sense of understanding. Working relationships are developed, communication is improved, and joint decisions are made.  I take a casual approach that makes the clients feel comfortable to confront the conflict at hand so resolution can be reached in confidence.  Through joint participation, constructive ideas are generated and positive solutions are found!

The fees for mediation is up to $80.00 per hour, and vary based on the type of dispute.  I am willing to work with you on the cost depending on certain circumstances.  If I can't help you, I know someone who can and will make sure you get what you need!  Spanish speaking interpreter is available!