​​Goodman Mediation & Resolutions

Airen Marie Goodman

Airen holds a Master's Degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Mediation and Conflict Resolution.  She is a court rostered mediator and has experience mediating various conflicts including, domestic violence, crisis intervention and working with individuals struggling with mental illness. She also helps  small businesses and organizations  bring continuity to stabilize  and manage conflict in the workplace.  She understands the emotional strain conflict has on all parties involved.  Airen brings diligence and creativity in her approach that provides a calm environment to put the parties at ease. She puts forth her full effort to help parties reach a resolution that benefits them long term and creates positive working relationships. 

Airen also assists K-12 schools in implementing a restorative justice approach to benefit the whole school community, strengthen relationships, engage students and their families, while giving back to the community. Airen assists with training and facilitating circles in schools to help build healthy relationships and work through conflict situations. 

Airen's background  includes working with youth and families in crisis situations providing mental health counseling to youth and  families in  need. She has also served as proctor/foster parent,  youth mentor and counselor for at-risk-youth in state custody where she helped families  work through  high conflict situations and create reunification plans that fits the families needs.